Woodworking CNC Router Machine

Shandong Chencan Machinery Co Ltd. (“Chencan” for short) is now a hi-tech enterprise introducing product R&D and formulating. Located in Qihe Economic Occurrence Zone, Shandong Province. And floor space of 20,000 square meters and 13,000 square meters of the newest workshops, 160 employees and furthermore total assets nearly 40 million RMB. Owning 4 patents for invention, 5 inventive patents are inside of the pipeline, one city-level enterprise technology center, undergoing one provincial key different project, the company worth manufacture Woodworking CNC Router, Foam and wood creating CNC Machine, Stone Engraving Machine, Furniture making CNC Machinery, 4 Axis tank and 3D CNC Engraver, Metal Engraving machine, CNC Wood turning lath, Running machine, and machinery parts’ processing, etc. All supplies have obtained the Dinar CE and Quality supervision system certificate and self-managed import and export right.

Woodworking engraving cnc wireless router machine Useful industries: Solid wood processing: manufacturing of many different furniture these kinds of as door, window, cabinet, craft exposed wood door, reveal and all night. Advertisement: engraving and must various brands and registration plate. Art craft: engraving classes of nearly every languages while graphics entirely on gifts and even souvenirs. Rrdeal for Patio furniture Industry, Creating Industry, Create Industry, Shot processing factories, Advertising Discipline etc.

Applicable elements Wood, steel board, plastic, density board, wave board, PVC, acrylic, crystal, light fixture marble and as a consequence other nonmetal materials and additionally light metallic material materials. Shot Carving CNC Router Exercise machine Applicable materials: Marble /Stone working: engraving on many granite, bluestone, marble, gritstone, ceramic tile, soapstone for instance.Metal working also: would engrave via various vibrant metals prefer aluminum, metal etc.Wood working: engraving cutting by any styles of wood, plastic, Faux wood and all night.

CNC Cedar Turning Lathes Machine Proper Industry Balustrade, furniture legs, and a lot of different of spinning symmetry. Orthopedic and Solid wood Mold Engraving CNC Hub Machine Useful materials Wood, EPS and then non-metallic assets. Mold industries: porcelain figurine various ample non-metallic mildew and mold can often be particularly handy for all kinds of Polyurethane foam (EPS) mold, wooden post model,wooden machine aviation other exposed wood mold.Musical means industry: Could very well carve two to three dimension play instrument,contour shearing.

Processing affect It is going to manufacture some sort of following effects: engraving, cutting, milling, drilling, relief, shadow, enchase but on. default router ip address -head carpentry CNC Exercise machine is made-to-order for moving over the gear within 2-4 piece. It is not only economic, also has the potential to realize swiftly auto power tool change, fix the a chance of tips guide tool change, improve often the working transfer and detail.